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Entegris developed specific solutions to address contamination problems in the Lithium Ion Battery industry a few years ago when several manufacturers in Japan were experiencing critical reliability issues. Cristelle Herriot, who has been assigned to the Elibama program to work on contamination issues, spent one week at the Entegris Applications Development laboratory in Tokyo (Nihon Entegris K.K.), to learn about the latest works around analytical tools and technologies used to prevent particulate and molecular contamination in this industry. New solutions were evaluated to prevent or eliminate contamination arising during the manufacturing process of Li ion battery cells and contamination from electrode materials and electrolytes. Those solutions are explained in the technical attached article. 


                  Article : Free Acid Removal from Electrolyte: Purification and Filtration


The multicultural Nihon Entegris team is led by Mr. Mutsuhiro Amari, author of numerous scientific communications on contamination control. This team was very welcoming and insured proper transmission of the knowledge and experience acquired over the years. Laboratory work was carried out by Cristelle with local junior and senior scientists, R&D engineers and product managers. Experimental setups and analytical techniques used in the lab & facilities have well been assimilated, which will be instrumental in the course of the Elibama project to evaluate the efficiency of the materials being developed.



ENTEGRIS is member of ELIBAMA’s consortium.

Entegris develops, manufactures and sells solutions to the most difficult purification, process control, and material protection problems in high-performance industries.

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