ELIBAMA : a project started at 100%


ELIBAMA is a European Project, organized in WorkPackages (WP), which aims at developing (for WP 1, 2 and 3) and manufacturing (WP4) Li-Ion Batteries for Electric Vehicles.

It was launched by Renault, the ELIBAMA coordinator, on November 2011 and will last 3 years (the official Kick-Off took place at “Renault Techno Centre” on November 18th, 2011). Since this date, all WorkPackages, except one (the WP4) have correctly started. For example, a Kick-Off for WP1 and 2 was organized at Stuttgart on February 2012.

The WP4, which is a demonstrator of all the other WPs, was planned to start later, in May 2012. Consequently, SAFT, a specialist in manufacturing Li-Ion Batteries which was held the leader of this WP, launched it by organizing a Kick-Off on May 31st, 2012.


In this WP, six partners including DAIMLER, FRAUNHOFER, RENAULT and SAFT will integrate in their processes most technologies developed in WP1, 2 and 3. Indeed, some partners will manufacture Li-ion cells with NMP-free electrodes (developed in WP1) or 3D structured foils (developed in WP2) and other will integrate some cleanliness control (developed in WP3) in their processes.

At the end of the project, partners will compare some electrical performances of cells. But the actual challenges of ELIBAMA consist in decreasing production costs and environmental impacts. In order to evaluate the progress achieved in WP4, partners will give some data on their processes with and without new technologies and some tools  (like the Life Cycle Assessment for the environmental impact) will calculate performance indicators.  


Stéphanie Rault (Saft)

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