Researchers from the French Alternative Energies & Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) cover 1 280 km in 24 hours with an electric CITROEN AX vehicle

Researchers from the CEA LITEN, expert in the development of Li-ion batteries for electric vehicles, set a new world record of distance by covering 1280 km in 24 hours. They covered this distance by driving in an electric vehicle fitted out Li-ion batteries based on the patented LiFePO4 (LFP) materials.


This record set from 25 October 9:00AM to 26 October 9:00AM aimed at demonstrating the reliability and the robustness of the Li-ion batteries technology based on LFP materials,… and breaking the record held by three Dutch students who drove 1 254 km in April 2011 with a common electric vehicle on a highway.


The researchers took turns driving an electric CITROEN AX during 24 hours by alternating driving for 1h25 around the town of Grenoble and battery jump-starting for 38 minutes.


The vehicle used by the team presented 14 kWh of energy provided by two batteries packs made by several CEA’s teams. The weight of this electric lightened vehicle with Li-ion batteries was 900 kg, whereas the common electric vehicles present an overweight of about 400-500 kg.


A data record during the round-trips will complete the CEA LITEN’s knowledge databases.


More than 200 researchers have been working for several years on the Li-ion batteries development at CEA (materials synthesis, cells, modules and packs production, battery management system, performances tests and conformity certification) dedicated to electric vehicles and test every days some electric vehicles.




This full-scale test on driving and batteries jump-starting has shown that taxis, deliverers in town, home health nurses could use an electric vehicle without any constraint of autonomy for the professional trips as soon as the urban infrastructures with batteries jump-starting terminals will be implemented.


Since this record, RENAULT one of CEA’s partners and coordinator of ELIBAMA project has succeed to break it again by covering 1600 km in 24 hours with the ZOE vehicle on a test track located at Aubevoye in France.





CEA is member of ELIBAMA’s consortium.

CEA is a French Governmental Research Organisation devoted to both fundamental and industrial R&D in the field of energy, information and health technologies and defence …

For more information => CEA

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