1st eLCAr Stakeholder Workshop “Stakeholder Needs and Expectations”

The 1st eLCAr Stakeholder Workshop “Stakeholder Needs and Expectations” took place on the 12th of June 2012 in Zürich (Switzerland).


The main goals of the 1st workshop were:


·         To present the initial ideas and underlying thoughts for the specific guidelines and to provide an opportunity for early stakeholder feedback

·         To obtain information on specific topics in order to further sharpen the guidelines’ focus and to define a realistic technological platform of system parameters

·         To define concrete and specific goals with importance for stakeholders of the e-mobility sector in general and for practitioners of the EGCI in particular

·         To exploit the expertise and knowledge of the stakeholders in order to identify the main values of a Common Parameter Platform (CPP) covering, for example, typical vehicle sizes and weights or battery capacities.


The participants of the workshop were divided into three groups specialized on the following topics to ensure an interactive atmosphere for discussions.



Group 1: Common parameter platform – Vehicles and components
The first group focuses in detail on the technical aspects of e-mobility. The two main topics of this group are: the definition of a Common Parameter Platform and a detailed analysis of key components and their future trends.


Group 2: The use phase – Key references and parameters
The second group addresses the use phase and the overall system focusing on the assessment of the energy consumption of electric vehicles.



Group 3: LCA challenges and modeling
The third group focuses on aspects of conducting an LCA: Best practices for conducting an LCA; specific LCA expectations concerning recommendations for LCAs of electric vehicles and their components; Questions concerning the used guidelines and their problems.


PE INTERNATIONAL was joining the Group 3 workshop: LCA challenges and modeling as a representative of the ELIBAMA consortium.




For additional informations => eLCAr website

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