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Contamination Control in high-tech industries: place of Li-Ion batteries

As a matter of fact, among the markets that we have been providing solutions to, the lithium-ion battery industry and its raw materials suppliers started to use Entegris technologies around 2005-2006, whether it be at the cell fabrication stage or…

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More than 10.000 visits on ELIBAMA’s website

The ELIBAMA’s website records 11.566 visits to date !! An evidence that the works done in ELIBAMA are affecting a wide audience.

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EGCI Clustering Event 2012 – Report available

On 11 and 12 July 2012 the European Commission’s DG CONNECT, DG RTD and DG MOVE were supporting the EGCI Clustering Event 2012 aiming to: Build a critical mass of activities within the EGCI, Identify potential synergies and relevant topics for fur…

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