Project’s consortium

The ELIBAMA consortium consists of 17 European organisations from 5 countries (France, Germany, UK, Belgium and Italy), among them :


• 2 RTOs (research & technology organisation) : CEA and FRAUNHOFER (with 2 involved departments: FRAUNHOFER IPA and FRAUNHOFER ISIT).

• 1 HES (university) : UNEW (The University of Newcastle).



Fig : ELIBAMA consortium “chain of value”

The ELIBAMA consortium is a balanced team covering the whole value chain of the car battery industry, reaching the critical mass necessary to achieve the objectives of the project.

The ELIBAMA project requires a broad range of skills, within domains such as: (1) active electrode material processing, (2) chemical engineering, (3) surface treatments, (4) Li-Ion cell and battery manufacturing, (5) automated process control, (6) clean room manufacturing, (7) Life Cycle Assessment and (8) recycling and refurbishing of end of life batteries.

Each member of the consortium has been selected for their world class expertise in one or more of these areas, and in the complementary compatibility of their skills. The consortium is composed mainly by specialized departments from leading European research and business organisations. Figure 8 shows the complementarities between the partners regarding the technical developments foreseen in WP1 to 4. On this scheme Life Cycle Assessment and recycling activities are not displayed.

Additionally to the complementarities displayed above, the consortium will benefit the expertise of the following partners:

• EDI-VEOLIA, UMICORE and SNAM are key players in the treatment of primary and secondary lithium batteries. They have been recycling millions of tons of batteries since many years. The consortium will therefore benefit from their industrial experience and knowledge in the collection and safe recycling of end of life batteries (WP6).
• PE, a well-respected LCA practitioner who has already worked on different subjects with SAFT, DAIMLER, RENAULT, and UMICORE will undertake an independent LCA to closely monitor and validate the technical improvements within the other work packages from the environmental point of view (by quantitative assessment). Therefore WP5 on LCA activities will run in parallel over the whole project period and will have interactions with all other work packages in order to give early feedback on what has been already achieved and what still has to be improved (decision gate during technology development process). PE will play the moderator role between the consortium partners in order to enable the communication/information overview between the partners.



Fig. : Complementarities between partners

In addition, the partners of ELIBAMA project have extensive experience into the participation and the management of collaborative international projects and some of the consortium members have already collaborated in research initiatives financed by the European Commission in the past (RENAULT/EDI-VEOLIA/CEA/FRAUNHOFER, FRAUNHOFER/DAIMLER, SOLVAY/CEA/ RENAULT/PRAYON).

The fact that the European leaders of the industries covered by ELIBAMA have joined this consortium guaranties that the project will be part of a global strategy of the industry and that results will be fully disseminated to all the stakeholders. The battery and car manufacturers forecast to implement ELIBAMA’s project results into their manufacturing lines of Li-Ion cells by 2015:

• RENAULT: implementation in next generation Li-ion battery production plant  for the production of cells and batteries for ZOE car,
• DAIMLER: manufacturing of cells for the Smart ED,
• SAFT: implementation of the new processes in JC-S (Johnson Controls – SAFT, acting as a third party in ELIBAMA project) manufacturing plant in Nersac (France). Nersac plant is the industrial site manufacturing Li-ion batteries for the Mercedes S class and BMW serie 7 HEV’s.

Moreover, strong dissemination of the knowledge generated during this project will be sought in the WP7 “Dissemination and exploitation” lead by the RENAULT.


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